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Special Thanks

I have met many wonderful people during my life in Vana'diel. Here I would like to thank some of them specifically. I apologize to anyone that may have slipped my mind.


Taycee: Thank you for taking a chance on something new. I know it was not the highest interest on your list, but it was always fun to play with you. I always appreciated all the help you provided me during my obsession to get summoner to 75 and especially for helping me duo some of my rank missions regardless of our level differences. I know that after static it was hard to really enjoy the game. But you were always there to encourage me and suggest new things. I had great fun duoing my Puppetmaster with your blue mage - we kicked butt like no other. I only wished we had continued, but that is the way of things. At least we can still continue our laughter in a new world now.


Endarion: You were always like a brother to me. It was great to have someone to talk to about the arts of crafting within the game, the effects of crafting and all of our many theories on HQing and successes. I always enjoyed our conversations because they inspired me to think and to create theory and find parallels in events. You also always kicked my butt to go to bed at a decent hour, which I needed because I played too much and for far too long. While we have gone our different paths, I just wanted to let you know you had a real impact on my life. You have inspired me to make changes in myself and my life that are for the better.


Kamin: The game was at its height of fun when KOS had all of its members. We all had the best times when we were all together, especially during the days of our static. You made me want to be a master alchemist, this inspiration led me to level Giskard nearly to level 90. If I had any want to level my black mage most, it was during the times after our static while reflecting on your magnificent use of the job and brilliant game play. It was never quite the same without you, especially each week in static. Perhaps we will all find ourselves playing in the same world again someday.


Darlene: I am sorry that life has been so hard on you, but I am happy that you are recovering. It is always been a pleasure to hang out with you in LS and chat about some of the most crazy things - especially when it is "Saturday Night". Thank you for all the help on the missions, all of the AF gear help, the support and friendship and mostly the laughter. We had many good times and I shall always remember our crazy times. While I do not get to see you everyday, I will always remember you and hope the best for you and your daughter.

The Thinger

Thingy: Between you and Darlene there were many months in a row when the laughter never stopped. There are times I recall Taycee calling me on the phone because you were on - it was like "the entertainment has arrived". Thank you for all the craziness, laughter and awesome humor that can only be from The Thinger.


Draconum: Thanks for always being a good friend. While I am sure you thought we were all crazy when you joined our static, thank you for taking a chance on us. It is too bad things had to end, but those will always be some of my favorite adventuring days. I look forward to seeing some pictures of you in your Maat's Cap soon. I wish the best for you always - you deserve to be happy and I hope it finds you soon.


Zia: While we did not play together enough, you were always there for me in avatar fights and missions - always so happy to drop everything to lend me a helping hand. Like no other you always came to my aid when I found myself eating dirt or needing to finish a BCNM for Aht Urhgan. I still feel I have not thanked you enough, I wish I had had more food to give you when I departed! You were always Giskard's best customer. Best of luck to you and Danny on your future adventures together - in game and in real life.


Leey: Thank you for taking pity on a low level Summoner and teaching me all about the art of soloing Avatar Primes. You inspired me to think differently about a job that initially puzzled me and left me a bit lost in the party scene. You showed me the path and encouraged me to reach for heights I had not expected - all the while cracking humor like no other. You showed me that there are many helpful and kind people in Vana'diel, as rare as they may be. Thank you for all the inspiration and hours of laughter.

So many others...
While I was in the world of Vana'diel I met many kind and helpful people. While I am sure that some of your names may be slipping my mind at the moment I would also like to expend my thank you's to the following people on the Odin server. They inspired me one way or another throughout my adventures and while many of them are no longer playing, I will always remember them; Akakikaze, Blacklabel, Braveheart, Bruins, Damona, Darkmercenary, Davo, Dormammu, Eunhye, Gaiddan, Hitori, Jazira, Kye, Madmartigan, Radamanthys, Telinous, Wiggins, Xeroblast.

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