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Cooking Guild Points

Vysala Synthing with Endarion

To join the Guildworker’s Union, you must be at least skill level 28 and have the rank of Novice in your craft. You can only be part of one union at a time. If you join one union and change your mind and join another, your union contract with your old guild will be terminated and your guild points to date lost. So it is advised that you concentrate and complete all of your guild point needs in one craft at a time.

Join the Guild Union for Cooking by talking to Qhum Knaidjn at E-9 in Windurst Waters North. Starting on the day you join and there after, you can visit Qhum Knaidjn each single real life earth day and get a new Guild Point Item. This means that Qhum Knaidjn will ask you for a particular synthable item. When you trade that item to Qhum Knaidjn you will obtain guild points. These points cap at a certain daily number that is different every day for each item she asks you for. If you go in the next day (after midnight in Japan, which is 8am PST in the US) she will ask you for a different item that allows for a different maximum point range. Continue doing this until you have accumulated enough points to purchase some of the key items.

With your guild points you can acquire special crafting items and crystals.

Points Item Rank Description
8,000 Patissier Novice This special cooking ability allows you to prepare tasty sweets and cakes.
10,000 Culinarian's Belt Novice A belt that has Enchantment: Synthesis Image Support.
30,000 Noodle Kneading Novice This special cooking ability allows you to prepare flour and water into tasty pasta.
30,000 Raw Fish Handling Novice This special cooking ability allows you to prepare raw fish while maintaining your ingredients' freshness.
30,000 Stewpot Mastery Novice This special cooking ability allows you to prepare hearty stews.
70,000 Chef's Hat Journeyman A hat that gives +1 to your Cooking skill.
100,000 Culinarian's Apron Artisan An apron that gives +1 to your Cooking skill.
150,000 Cordon Bleu Set Veteran A piece of Furniture that gives Moghancement: Cooking Skill.

Additionally you can use your guild points to buy special crystals. These crystals are often referred to as "HQ Crystals" or "Signature Crystals". These crystals are used to sign your name on an item that you craft. This is a great way to give gifts to friends that are unique. Most items in cooking do not allow a signature. Many of the high level, non-stacking, items will take a signature. In theory all un-stacking items should be signable. Some items I know are signable are: Love Chocolate, Yellow Curry, Crimson Jelly, Black Curry, Dragon Steak, Dragon Soup, Cursed Soup, Red Curry. I am sure there are more. Search FFXI AH for the recipes to make these items.

You can trade, mail or bazaar your signed items and the signature will be retained. Unfortunately if you list an item with a signature on it at the AH, the signature will be erased.

If you are progressing through your craft leveling pretty fast, my suggestion for order of purchasing key items is: Culinarian’s Belt (for skilling in multiple towns), Chef’s Hat, Culinarian’s Apron, Raw Fish Handling (sooner if your fishing is already very high), Cordon Bleu Set, Noodle Kneading, Patissier and Stewpot Mastery. Get some of the special crystals along the way, you will probably want to make gifts for friends on holidays and birthdays.

I also suggest that order of item purchasing because of the usefulness I have found them to be. Most of the key items for special synths as of this writing are not huge profit (on my server), except Raw Fish Handling. The others are still not widely being discovered by most players.

Modify and use your own personal instincts and server information to decide what order is best for you and your crafting experience.

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