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Vysala's Cooking Guide

Skill 18-29
The following cooking recipes will raise your crafting skill from level eighteen to level twenty-nine (18.0 - 29.0). Be sure to take your test between level twenty-eight and level thirty. If you do not take your test, you will not be able to get past level thirty. The test synthesis item for level thirty is Vegetable Gruel.

Item Detail Item Guide

Skilling Levels: 18-22
Item Name: Baked Popoto
Item Level Cap: 22
Recipe: Fire Crystal, Popoto, Selbina Butter

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Baked Popoto
HQ1 Yield: Pipin' Hot Popoto x1
HQ2 Yield: Pipin' Hot Popoto x1
HQ3 Yield: Pipin' Hot Popoto x1

You will find your already-made Selbina Butter comes in handy with this recipe.

This recipe is cheap because you can buy the popoto from a vender in Windurst for very cheap. The downside here is - these baked popotos will not sell at the AH. It is best to just sell them directly back to the vender as you make them.

Item Detail Item Guide

Skilling Levels: 22-24
Item Name: Meat Broth
Item Level Cap: 28
Recipe: Water Crystal, Gelatin, Dhalmel Meat, Giant Sheep Meat, Hare Meat

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Meat Broth x4
HQ1 Yield: Warm Meat Broth x2
HQ2 Yield: Warm Meat Broth x4
HQ3 Yield: Warm Meat Broth x8

I used this recipe to get closer to insect balls - you could easily skip this item and move onto insect balls using advanced support if you prefer.

I did this level not only to get to insect balls, but because I play BST and I preferred to synth in San d’Oria for most of my early cooking career. The ingredients are pretty easy to obtain, some simple farming can get you a whole load of these materials within a short period of time. These sell at a pretty good rate at the AH and can be profitable if you do not break too often. Later on you will find these are good to make money with when you can start getting the HQ.

Item Detail Item Guide

Skilling Levels: 24-29
Item Name: Insect Balls
Item Level Cap: 29
Recipe: Earth Crystal, Millioncorn, Little Worm, Distilled Water

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Insect Ball x12
HQ1 Yield: Insect Ball x12
HQ2 Yield: Insect Ball x12
HQ3 Yield: Insect Ball x12

At this level I tried to make Pet Food Gamma for my BST job, but I found that recipe was extremely expensive and not worth the effort. So I moved onto insect balls and if I were to do it all again, I would go right to insect balls in the first place.

This recipe is your golden ticket to use low level cooking to make money. Because insect balls are widely used for moat carp fishing, these sell extremely fast at the AH. It will sell especially fast at the San d'Oria AH because the quest is there in Port - however it will still sell very well at all Auction Houses. You will break as with all recipes, because of the level gap, but be sure to get your millioncorn from the vender (or plant it yourself) and your losses will be minimal.

Go crazy on these levels and make these as fast as you can, filling up your mules and all of your AH slots - these things will sell like crazy and chances are you will make a profit regardless of your breaks. This recipe is a great one to make gil off of during your early cooking career if you have no other means of making gil or if you just need some fast sellers.
Take Your Skill Test Between Levels 28 - 30: Vegetable Gruel

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