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Vysala's Cooking Guide

Skill 80-90
The following cooking recipes will raise your crafting skill from level eighty to level ninety (80.0 - 90.0). Be sure to take your test between level eighty-eight and level ninety. If you do not take your test, you will not be able to get past level ninety. The synthesis test item for level ninety is Seafood Stew.

Item Detail Item Guide

Skilling Levels: 80-82
Item Name: Emperor Roe
Item Level Cap: 82
Recipe: Lightning Crystal, Emperor Fish (or Morinabaligi)

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Emperor Roe x4
HQ1 Yield: Emperor Roe x6
HQ2 Yield: Emperor Roe x8
HQ3 Yield: Emperor Roe x10

You will want to make these now for one good reason; in your 90's you will use the Roe. This is purely a suggestion recipe, if you would like to skip this and the recipe in the 90's, that is entirely your choice. Many of the recipes in the 90's are painful and I found this item to help gap a bit of that pain that is the trek to 100. If you can fish them yourself, do so. If not, buy from the AH and save all of the results. If you find the fish are somewhat hard to obtain, I suggest finding a fisherman and striking a deal with them - they usually are quite happy to have a bulk purchasing customer.

If you want to skip this recipe, you could move straight onto the Pumpkin Pie (or the alternative Yellow Curry).

Item Detail Item Guide

Skilling Levels: 82-84
Item Name: Pumpkin Pie
Item Level Cap: 85
Recipe: Fire Crystal, Ogre Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Selbina Butter, Pie Dough, Maple Sugar, Distilled Water, Bird Egg, Selbina Milk

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Pumpkin Pie x4
HQ1 Yield: Pumpkin Pie +1 x4
HQ2 Yield: Pumpkin Pie +1 x4
HQ3 Yield: Pumpkin Pie +1 x4

Skilling Level Alternative Below

This recipe is very nice to skill up on and make reasonable profit, minus breaks. I found these sold pretty well and at a pretty decent rate. The ingredients are a bit of a pain to put together, but by now you have likely become accustomed to long prep times for big recipes. Pies always have many ingredients, but they are always reliable sellers at the AH, so the time put into preparing your synth is always worthwhile. I found the skill ups on this item weren't as slow as some of the items in the 70's.
Item Detail Item Guide

Alternative Skilling Recipe

Skilling Levels: 82-84
Item Name: Yellow Curry
Item Level Cap: 85
Recipe: Fire Crystal, Popoto, Curry Powder, Turmeric, Coeurl Meat, Selbina Milk, Wild Onion, Distilled Water

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Yellow Curry x1
HQ1 Yield: Yellow Curry x1
HQ2 Yield: Yellow Curry x1
HQ3 Yield: Yellow Curry x1

If you are careful about buying your ingredients and manage to get the meat for a low price or you farm it, this recipe can be very profitable. Yellow Curry will sell very well at the Auction House and from a mule. These are great items to make for profit.

Item Detail Item Guide

Skilling Levels: 84-90
Item Name: Rolanberry Pie
Item Level Cap: 90
Recipe: Fire Crystal, San d'Orian Flour, Gelatin, Selbina Milk, Pie Dough, Maple Sugar, Rolanberry, Bird Egg

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Rolanberry Pie x4
HQ1 Yield: Rolanberry Pie +1 x4
HQ2 Yield: Rolanberry Pie +1 x4
HQ3 Yield: Rolanberry Pie +1 x4

This is my favorite recipe to skill up with and make money on.

You will find that this pie is yet another long prep time to get ingredients together, but it will be some of the best leveling in your cooking career for profit. These will sell and they will sell fast and for excellent profit, minus breaks. I found the skill ups flew by me as the profit rolled in on this one. These are by far the fastest selling pies at the AH and one of the most profitable, if not the most profitable. You will find as you tread through the 90's that you'll want to make these as a side item for making gil. Mule them or AH them - they will sell very well.
Take Your Skill Test Between Levels 88 - 90: Seafood Stew

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