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Gil Saving Tips

Farming Elementals

As a cook you will find that you often deal in small profit margins (compared to other crafts), so every bit of gil saved while synthing counts towards your profit. Here are some tips to help you extend your profits as a chef.

  • Compare Merchant prices to Auction House prices - sometimes the AH is cheaper. If you need to travel, be sure to take cost differences in account with travel costs. If the travel costs are too steep it may make buying from the AH cheaper; be sure to research before you make these kind of decisions.

  • Always buy from merchants if they are cheaper then the AH, as long as travel costs do not exceed the price difference.

  • If you must purchase materials from the AH, compare AH Prices from all nations before making the purchase.

  • If you are skilling up and need to sell back your product to the NPC, try selling it back to the Culinary Guild NPC first, as they will pay the most amount of gil for your item.

  • Have a mule in each nation, this makes AH pricing and purchasing easier and faster. If you can not do this, choose your most profitable nation and place a mule there. Alternatively place the mule in the nation where you buy the most ingredients from the AH. Also as a cook, if you do not reside in Windurst or you do not wish to stay there, your first mule location choice might want to be Windurst for guild purchasing.

  • Vysala at the Temple of Uggalepih
  • If you know someone who farms crystals to sell at the AH in large amounts and you do not want to farm them yourself or you normally purchase them from the Auction House, offer to buy their product at bulk for lowered cost. This offers to them an instant sale with no AH fees and you in turn get a good deal. Make sure you have the storage for the bulk items. This is the same for any ingredient you tend to use often (such as fish).

  • If you tend to store large amounts of items, such as crystals, organize and designate certain mules to hold certain items. That way when you need your supplies you know exactly which mule has what item.

  • Research your recipe to the fullest. Use many of the websites in the Online Resources section to help guide you on recipe lists, HQ and NQ results, materials NPC’s and other valuable information about each of your synthing items. This also means research to make sure, if you are not skilling, that you are synthing something that is profitable or worth your time to make.

  • If you are looking for an item in particular to make for use, do the research. Sometimes some foods are cheaper to buy from the AH then make yourself.

  • Keep up to date on the latest Final Fantasy XI updates and news at Playonline. The slightest changes to recipes and item effects can cause some recipes to change or become more rare. These updates can also increase or decrease demands for some crafting items which can greatly effect your synthing profits.