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Vysala's Cooking Guide

Skill 42-54
The following cooking recipes will raise your crafting skill from level forty-two to level fifty-four (42.0 - 54.0). Be sure to take your test between level forty-eight and level fifty. If you do not take your test, you will not be able to get past level fifty. The synthesis test item for level fifty is Apple Pie.

Item Detail Item Guide

Skilling Levels: 42-48
Item Name: Apple Pie
Item Level Cap: 48
Recipe: Fire Crystal, Pie Dough, Maple Sugar, Cinnamon, Lizard Egg, Faerie Apple

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Apple Pie x4
HQ1 Yield: Apple Pie +1 x4
HQ2 Yield: Apple Pie +1 x4
HQ3 Yield: Apple Pie +1 x4

Skilling Level Alternative Below

Your Pie Dough comes in handy here with this wonderful recipe. Pies in general sell pretty well and you should not have a problem finding a market for your results. However because there are many better pies, these might sell a little slow. If your AH sales do not move very fast, these will sell pretty well on a mule too. It can be expensive to make these depending on how you get your ingredients. Be sure to get your sugar, cinnamon and faerie apples from the venders if you can. If you find this recipe to be too expensive for the result sales, try the alternative suggestion below.

I suggest getting advanced support for a couple of levels to ensure as few losses as possible. Save one of these for your skill test.
Item Detail Item Guide

Alternative Skilling Recipe

Skilling Levels: 42-47
Item Name: Cinna-Cookie
Item Level Cap: 47
Recipe: Fire Crystal, San d'Orian Flour, Cinnamon, Selbina Butter, Lizard Egg, Maple Sugar, Distilled Water

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Cinna-cookie x33
HQ1 Yield: Coin Cookie x33
HQ2 Yield: Coin Cookie x66
HQ3 Yield: Coin Cookie x99

If you find that Apple Pie does not sell too well on your server or you want a recipe to alternate with while going through these levels, I would suggest these cookies. They use some of the same ingredients as the Apple Pie, so it would be easy to combine the efforts to get results from both recipes. These cookies are very useful and you will find they sell pretty good at the AH.

Take Your Skill Test Between Levels 48 - 50: Apple Pie

Item Detail Item Guide

Skilling Levels: 48-54
Item Name: Beaugreen Sautee
Item Level Cap: 55
Recipe: Fire Crystal, Selbina Butter, Beaugreens

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Beaugreen Sautee x1
HQ1 Yield: Monastic Sautee x1
HQ2 Yield: Monastic Sautee x1
HQ3 Yield: Monastic Sautee x1

Skilling Level Alternative Below

These cap at 55, however I stopped them at 54 to go right into Yagudo drinks. If you still have some Butter left over, this is another good recipe to use it in. The beaugreens are bought from a vender, so it is a fairly cheap recipe. You will find a loss when you sell these back to the vender, but they are fast and easy to synth through quickly.
Item Detail Item Guide

Alternative Skilling Recipe

Skilling Levels:48-53
Item Name: Bretzel
Item Level Cap: 53
Recipe: Fire Crystal, San d'Orian Flour, Selbina Butter, Rock Salt, Distilled Water, Bird Egg

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Bretzel x33
HQ1 Yield: Bretzel x99
HQ2 Yield: Salty Bretzel x33
HQ3 Yield: Salty Bretzel x99

This recipe, while helping gap through these levels, is a complete loss. They might sell in Windurst because they are a Guild Point item. If you want to try and AH them, that town is your best bet. Unfortunately these levels offer very few recipes that are fast and easy investments with good results, so it is best to tough it out with the Beaugreen Sautee.

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