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Valuable Online Resources

The following websites I have found very helpful in my time in Vana'diel, as a cook and as an adventurer.

All links open an additional window.

Final Fantasy XI; Valuable Online Resources


Official FFXI site, has notices of all updates past and present. Very useful for keeping informed about the latest news and updates.


Most valuable resource for recipes, ingredients purchasing vender locations, and other auction information.

FFXI Atlas

Very valuable source of maps, treasure locations and map related quests. A must have game companion.

NPC Finder

Great for finding specific NPCs in specific locations.


Excellent source for the best quest and mission walk throughs. Also contains a wide variety of other helpful information.

Pikko's Pots

Absolute best resource for all gardening information.


Highly organized resource for recipes, quests, mob info and community chat.

Killing Ifrit

Quest and Mission guides, other game guides, community chat.


Many game guides and overall good information in general.


Great source for the Mining Logging Harvesting and Excavation Maps.


Tons of excellent information on the Summoner job, though somewhat out of date, still very good source.

FFXI Crafting Timer

Live information tool on directional synthing, moon phase, dates, etc. A crafters companion.

FFXI Fishing Database

Excellent site for Fishers. Covers how/where/when to catch your fish and with what rod.