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Vysala's Cooking Guide

Skill 29-42
The following cooking recipes will raise your crafting skill from level twenty-nine to level forty-two (29.0 - 42.0). Be sure to take your test between level thirty-eight and level forty. If you do not take your test, you will not be able to get past level forty. The test synthesis item for level forty is Meat Mithkabob.

Item Detail Item Guide

Skilling Levels: 29-30
Item Name: Pineapple Juice
Item Level Cap: 30
Recipe: Water Crystal, Kazham Pineapple x2

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Pineapple Juice x1
HQ1 Yield: Pineapple Juice x1
HQ2 Yield: Pineapple Juice x1
HQ3 Yield: Pineapple Juice x1

Skilling Level Alternative Below

This is a fast and cheap recipe to make. In Kazham you can get these cheap from an NPC and they are always available since it is not a regional vender. These will sell slowly, but many times they will sell. These are best to stick on a mule. They are also valuable to use if you are playing a low level mage job. Synthing these on the fly while in party makes them easy to carry with you in bulk in the ingredients form. You could potentially skill up on these while in party playing a mage job (or make them and offer them to the mages in the party).
Item Detail Item Guide

Alternative Skilling Recipe

Skilling Levels: 29-31
Item Name: Carrot Paste
Item Level Cap: 31
Recipe: Water Crystal, Vomp Carrot x2, La Theine Millet, Lizard Egg, Distilled Water

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Carrot Paste x2
HQ1 Yield: Carrot Paste x4
HQ2 Yield: Carrot Paste x6
HQ3 Yield: Carrot Paste x8

This is a high demand baby chocobo chick food. Depending on your server prices, you could potentially make a good profit on this recipe while skilling up on it. The downside is the investment is expensive and of course you will break some synths. You could grow much of the ingredients if you wanted to cut down on cost - of course this will take extra time, but it could be well worth it. There is risk because of breaks, but chances are since you are so close to the cap you will break even or make profit, depending on AH prices on your server. Do the research first on this alternative.

Item Detail Item Guide

Skilling Levels: 30-34
Item Name: Black Bread
Item Level Cap: 34
Recipe: Fire Crystal, Rye Flour, Rock Salt, Distilled Water

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Black Bread x4
HQ1 Yield: Pumpernickel x4
HQ2 Yield: Pumpernickel x4
HQ3 Yield: Pumpernickel x4

This recipe is cheap and easy because all of the ingredients are bought from venders (except the crystals), however you will be hard pressed to find a market of buyers. Simply rip through these until level 34 and NPC the results as you go. Unless you can find someone to sell these to, this recipe will be a loss of gil, but most other recipes around this level have a far greater investment with a far greater loss. I found it easier to take this route and it skilled up pretty fast. You could skip this recipe if you wanted and move onto the fish broth.

Item Detail Item Guide

Skilling Levels: 34-37
Item Name: Fish Broth
Item Level Cap: 37
Recipe: Water Crystal, Bastore Sardine x4

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Fish Broth x2
HQ1 Yield: Fish Oil Broth x1
HQ2 Yield: Fish Oil Broth x2
HQ3 Yield: Fish Oil Broth x3

Skilling Level Alternative Below

Using Bastore Sardines, this recipe is cheap and easy to make and nice to skill up on. Sardines are easily fished and you can catch more then one at a time using a Sabiki Rig. If you fish your fish and farm your clusters this is a very cheap way to skill up. Take a friend and go fishing together if you can. If they happened to be a Beastmaster, they will likely give you the fish for some of your results.

These fish are also sold from fishing venders and on the ferry that goes between Selbina and Mhaura as well as the ferry between Mhaura and Whitegate. The broth will sell at the AH, but it will sell slowly and for very little. But keep in mind if you go slowly through this recipe, you might be able to sell all of your results at the AH for break even or profit (if fished; complete profit).

Down the road when you are able to HQ these, you will make a nice profit on the Fish Oil Broth, as that is one of the most popular high level beastmaster jug pets.
Item Detail Item Guide

Alternative Skilling Recipe

Skilling Levels: 34-38
Item Name: Meat Mithkabob
Item Level Cap: 38
Recipe: Fire Crystal, Kazham Peppers, Cockatrice Meat, Mhaura Garlic, Wild Onion

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Meat Mithkabob x6
HQ1 Yield: Meat Mithkabob x12
HQ2 Yield: Meat Chiefkabob x6
HQ3 Yield: Meat Chiefkabob x12

When I was passing through these levels I occasionally used Mithkabobs to skill on. If you combine gardening and farming you will make some excellent profit on your results. These are still very popular with lower level jobs, so posting them at an AH just about anywhere will bring you reliable sales. The reason I did not synth these all too often is because I found the market to be a bit overcrowded. Put one of these aside for your skill test.

Item Detail Item Guide

Skilling Levels: 37-42
Item Name: Pie Dough
Item Level Cap: 42
Recipe: Water Crystal, San d'Orian Flour, Selbina Butter, Rock Salt

Sub Craft: None
Key Item: None
NQ Yield: Pie Dough x4
HQ1 Yield: Pie Dough x6
HQ2 Yield: Pie Dough x9
HQ3 Yield: Pie Dough x12

If you still have your left over Selbina Butter, here is the recipe to burn it on. If you do have the butter, this recipe will be very cheap to make and will save you time and money in the very next recipe. I suggest saving as many of these as you can for Apple Pie and other pies down the road. While there are alternatives at this level, this is ultimately the best recipe because pie dough is useable in so many good recipes along the way.
Take Your Skill Test Between Levels 38 - 40: Meat Mithkabob

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