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Cooking for Gil

Carbuncle Fighting a Soulflayer

Many crafters in Final Fantasy XI keep their personal techniques secret. I have decided now is the time to share some of the ways I have personally made a lot of gil in this craft. This is my personal experience, keep in mind your mileage may vary. There is no sure secret to becoming rich in FFXI - you simply must know the market and understand your server’s economy.

Here you will find methods and recipes that I have personally used to make gil successfully in FFXI. All servers have slightly different economies, please keep this in mind while making decisions based on my experiences.

Vysala’s Profit Print-Out
Download and print-out a form just for analyzing your recipes and maximizing your profits. You may find this form is a good companion for this section of the site.

Profitable Synths
What are some good profitable items to cook? Many ask that question on forums and are answered with very vague replies. Should this really be heavily guarded information? Some think so. Since things vary from server to server, some feel it is easier to not mention specifics. However one only needs to do a little research to find the answers. For whatever reason, I have been hard pressed to find what others make for good profit in the culinary world of Vana'diel. So I have decided I would like to share my research and experienced list of profitable cooking items.

In the categories below is a general list of food recipes that have sold very well for me in the past (on the Odin server). Keep in mind that server differences and how you obtain materials can make a huge difference in profits and sale rate. This is just my list of goodies, there might be much more - this is simply the things that have worked for me very well. Some items may be listed in multiple categories.

Items that list both the NQ and HQ mean that both of them sell well. Items that only list the NQ or only list the HQ mean I am only referring to that result. Some of the items are HQ only - naturally I suggest to be the highest skill level possible for the best HQ results. If you are right at the recipe cap naturally you will very rarely get an HQ. For ease of use I have listed the level cap for each of the recipes. All of the recipes are in order by level cap.

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