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Fast Travel: Moving Through Vana'diel

These fast travel tips have very specific conditions - but if you find all of the conditions met then you will likely find yourself with some fast ways around Vana’diel. These tips are for fast travel at any cost - they definitely are not money saving travel tips. Generally the slowest routes around Vana’diel will cost the least, while the fastest will cost the most.

You may find the assistance of these three websites to be helpful with the advice on this page: FFXI-Atlas (for maps), NPC Finder (to find specific NPCs), FFXIclopedia (for quest walk throughs).

Note: Each of the areas mentioned may have mobs that will agro you if your job is not high enough. Be cautious, bring oils and powders with you always or have the spells invisible & sneak available to you.

Fast Travel Page Contents

Sanctuary of Zi'tah

Quickly Move Through Vana'diel via Homepoint
The absolute fastest way for me to get around the world is by setting my homepoint in my home nation. I set my homepoint at the exit nearest to the Whitegate Teleporter in my hometown (South San d'Oria: Amutiyaal (L-6), Port Bastok: Alib-Mufalib (K-7), Windurst Woods: Ibwam (G-10) [You have to do the Lure of the Wildcat Quest to use this]). Being in my hometown this leaves me with easy access to all of the auction houses and locations in the world that I have been to. To quickly get to Whitegate you need simply to run to the local Whitegate Teleporter. This will allow you quick access to the Jeuno AH as well. If you need to go to another location in the world the best thing to do is go to the Whitegate Warp Taru (Kaduru-Haiduru at G-10) and, after paying him an Imperial Silver Piece, he will land you next to your Home Nation Outposter - allowing fast access to the rest of the world. The circle between all the teleporters is most useful in these ways and I find it to be a very easy way to get from one part of the world to the next without much trouble.

Quickly Move Through Vana'diel From Any Location
If you are out playing anywhere and you need to get home or access to another area fast that you have an outpost warp to, this is by far the fastest way to get around. You must have at least one Imperial Silver Piece, your homepoint set in Whitegate and the ability to warp or be warped (spell, item or blackmage friend). This is valuable for three types of travel: Jeuno, Home Nation or Outpost Teleporter to travel elsewhere. Simply warp from where you are to Whitegate and walk only a few feet to the Warp Taru (Kaduru-Haiduru, up the stairs at G-10), trade the Silver and select your destination. The major benefit here is if you choose Nation of Allegiance then you land right next to the Outpost Teleporter in your home nation. So if you need to jump into another part of the world really fast then you just click on him at your arrival location and choose your regional destination.

Outpost to Your Home Nation From Vahzl
So you do not want to pay for the warp taru in Whitegate and you do not have a fast way to your home nation? If you can catch a WHM to teleport you, or if you happened to be a white mage able to cast Teleport Vahzl then you have quite a fast way home. This requires that you have the ability to use the Xarcabard outpost to teleport. Check to make sure the Valdeaunia region is owned, then get that teleport. When you arrive in Xarcabard, just walk a little bit to the south to G9 and grab the outpost warp home. If you have all the requirements then this is by far one of the fastest ways to return to your home nation without using the Whitegate warp taru.

Outpost to Your Home Nation From Altep
If Valdeaunia is not owned or you do not want to try and make it through the more dangerous terrain of Xarcabard then this alternative is a good option. This region is commonly owned so you should not have a problem with the outpost being available. Get yourself a Teleport Altep into Eastern Altep, walk south to F10 and grab the outpost warp.

Outpost to Your Home Nation From Mea
If you want to get back to your home nation and you do not want to pay the warp taru, if Valdeaunia is not owned, you have a WHM at 37 or there’s a WHM willing to teleport you and you have access to the Buburimu Peninsula outpost warp (assuming the Kolshushu is owned as it usually is), then this is a secondary fast way to get back to your home town. This is also great for those of you that sub WHM to your mained level 74-75 job and you need a fast way home from where ever you are. Just Tele Mea, zone into Buburimu and use the outpost.

Outpost to Jeuno
A decently quick way to get to Jeuno, if you do not want to keep your homepoint in Whitegate, is to simply use the outpost teleporter to send you to the Qufim region and walk SE to Port Jeuno. Be weary of the undead that spawn at night here.


Windurst: Quick Path From Sarutabaruta Outpost to Windurst Waters
This is the fastest way I have found so far, other then Tele Mea, to getting to Windurst. This outpost is worth getting - absolutely obtain it if you can. Then you can simply outpost and enter Waters at J8. I find this to be the fastest entrance if my destination is to get to Woods and/or to the AH. When you enter Waters just head over to H8 to the Teleport Wizard. You do not need to walk all the way down the stairs to get to him, just stand above him on the edge near the tree and select him and you be within distance for him to warp you. From the outpost you can also choose to enter via Port Windurst - this would allow you to get to your mog house entrance without having to zone or use any Windy Teleport Wizards, however it is still a long walk.

Windurst: Quick Path From Your Mog House to The Auction House
The fastest way I have found to get to the AH in Windurst is to exit from Woods and zone into Walls and go north to the AH there. This is also good because not many people go to that AH so there is not much lag.

Windurst: Getting From The Sarutabaruta Region to The Auction House
Coming in from Sarutabaruta into Port at the J10 zone is valuable for getting to the AH fast. Just go up the stairs to E-7 and use the Windy Teleport Wizard to take you to Walls. You will land on the top of the AH in Walls. You can also get to your mog house after you are done at the AH by going west on this map.

Windurst: From Your Mog House Exit to The Cooking Guild
You may find yourself often going to the Cooking Guild to find they do not have what you need and you need to run to the AH next or perhaps you synth and need to get to the AH to list your items. Either way I have found myself taking this path often and in this order during my cooking career or simply while my Windy mule is gathering items to send to my main. Exit your Mog into Windy Walls and head north and then west to the B-6/7 zone into Waters. Head west to the cooking guild and when you are finished head over to H-8 to the Teleport Wizard. You do not need to walk all the way down the stairs to get to him, just stand above him on the edge near the tree and select him and you be within distance for him to warp you. When you get into Woods hang left and right around the corner is the AH. Some might argue that simply going from Woods Teleport Wizard into Waters, then to the Guild and then Back to the Wizard is better. I personally find both ways to be excellent depending upon where I am on the map. Often I fill my Windy mule and leave him at the AH in walls and have him list all his items before going back to his Mog. Many times I use him to collect items from the Guild for me, so I find this method to be very valuable. Also keep in mind this route will have very little lag compared to the Woods zone.

Windurst: Finding The Closest Merchant From The Mog House Exit
In all honestly the only one I find very convenient is the Zulkeim vender in Woods. The problem is Windurst must control that region for that merchant to be available for selling to. I find that most merchants for Windurst are not conveniently placed and the only way to find the best ones is to look at the regional sellers. Your next best bet might be an NPC near the fountain in Woods.

Windurst: Your Mog House Exit to The Chocobo Stables
I have no quick routes except the most obvious choice; exit into Woods and walk to the Stables at K-12.

Windurst: Fastest Route to The Airship
Windurst has the fastest Mog to Airship exit. Simply exit into Port and head south to the airship agency.


Bastok: Speedy Arrival
If your homepoint is not set in Bastok, even outpost warping can be tiring and long. While you can summon your chocobo, it is still a long walk from the Gustaberg outpost, not to mention that that outpost is not easy to obtain. This alternative is very specific to having a BLM that can escape you or you yourself have escape. Simply grab a Teleport Altep and run to J-8 on the East Altep map. Zone into Korroloka and have the BLM in the group cast Escape and you will end up directly in Bastok.

Another alternative for getting to Bastok quickly is to grab a Teleport Dem and zone into Gusgen Mines at L-7. Once inside Gusgen take all of the right turns you can, which will lead you to I-9. At I-9 you will zone into Oldtown Movalpolos. Once in Movalpolos have the BLM in the group cast Escape and you will land in North Gustaberg. Walk to L-8 from here to zone into Port Bastok.

Bastok: Finding The Closest Merchant From The Mog House Exit
It’s always important to know a fast way to get to a merchant to sell things. I find the fastest way to a merchant is by exiting the mog house in Mines and heading to the galka vendor stationed at K-8 named Proud Beard. He sells starting gear for Galka and Humes - thus he will always be useful when you need to sell anything because he’s not controlled by regional conquest information.

Bastok: Quick Path From Your Mog House to The Auction House
I have found the absolute fastest route from my mog house to the AH is exiting out into Mines and going to the AH from there. It is by far the closest AH and has much less lag then Markets.

Bastok: Your Mog House Exit to The Chocobo Stables
I have found the absolute fastest route from my mog house to the Chocobo Stables is exiting out into Mines and going to the Stables from there. Bastok is nice and small and very easy to get around I find.

Bastok: Fastest Route to The Airship
Exit from your mog house into Markets and go north to the Bastok Port zone. Continue North/NE to the airship area, the door facing west is the entrance.

San d'Oria

San d’Oria: Arriving from The Ronfaure Outpost or Holla
The fastest way possible of course would be to Outpost Teleport into Ronfaure and grab your Chocobo Whistle to make a fast run into Sandy. Like Windurst, the run from the outpost would be extremely fast as the outpost is pretty close to the city (unlike Bastok and Kazham). Being that this outpost might be hard to obtain, unless you have the outpost or this is your home nation or your home point is set here, chances are you will find that Teleport Holla is your best bet for a fast arrival. The great part of San d’Oria’s Ronfaure region is that East and West are side by side, not one in front of the other. This means that when you Tele Holla and zone into Ronfaure, you only have that one zone to run through, unlike Bastok in which you must run through both Gustaberg zones to get to Bastok.

San d’Oria: Finding The Closest Merchant From The Mog House Exit
By far the fastest merchant to get to is Attarena at M-9 in North Sandy, but she is controlled by the Li’Telor region so she can not be relied on. In Port you can go to J-8 and sell your stuff at Regine’s Magicmart. In South, the one I use most often, in the Lion Springs Tavern at K-5/6 is Shilah and he is not a regional vender so you can always sell to him if you need to.

San d’Oria: Fastest Route to The Airship
There is only one fast way and that’s straight into Port, there are no real alternative routes for faster arrival to the airship.

San d’Oria: Quick Path From Your Mog House to The Auction House
Exit from your mog house into Port and head west to the AH. I find this to be the fastest route to the San d'Oria Auction House. Port also has less lag then the AH in South Sandy.

San d’Oria: Your Mog House Exit to The Chocobo Stables
If you are coming from your mog house, there are no real fast or secret routes to get here faster other then exiting into South Sandy and walking to the stables. If you happened to just port in from an outpost, you could exit into West Ronfaure and re-enter into San d'oria via South Sandy Ronfaure entrance to get to the stables quickly (talked about below in further detail).

San d’Oria: Quickly Move Between South San d'Oria and North San d'Oria
If your destination in North or South is the extreme opposite from where you are, I suggest taking a different route then the typical in-town route. Exit out of South San d’Oria into West Ronfaure and head to the North San d’Oria entrance or reverse if going the other direction. This route is short and cuts down your walking time dramatically if, for example, you happened to need to go from South AH to the Outpost Teleporter in North or the other way around. I find this way around Sandy to be a very big time saver, as I craft here a whole lot and this is my home town.

Al Zahbi

Kazham: Quick Arrival & Notes
Because Kazham is so remote, there are very few ways to access it. The Airship is the most obvious way, however I find it is often the slowest route if you do not get there just as the Airship arrives - plus you must leave from Jeuno to use this option. I find my most valuable option is using one of the Outpost warps - preferably Elshimo Lowlands. Having your Chocobo Whistle handy makes this route much faster than it was before chocobo raising was available. You could also use Teleport Yhoat to get here, but you will be stuck coming in from the Uplands region - it is not that much further but it is still further. (If you do not have a chocobo whistle, and the mobs in the area still agro you, you may want to head north into Sea Serpent Grotto at H-11 and then to Norg to get a Chocobo there.)

Since Kazham is such a small region, everything is pretty easy and fast to get to once you get to know the area. It can be confusing a bit at first because much of the area looks the same and is connected by winding tunnels that often loop around. Another important thing to note is the AH here is the same as the one in Windurst.

Norg: Quick Arrival & Notes
Like Kazham, Norg is in a very remote part of the world allowing very few fast ways to access it. Going to Kazham and then taking a Chocobo over to Sea Serpent Grotto (entering SSG at H-11) is a workable solution but not the fastest. I prefer to get a Teleport Yhoat or Outpost warp into Elshimo Uplands. Once you arrive in Sea Serpent Grotto just hug the right wall, taking care to open the unmarked doors on the right as you move through, then keep hugging the right wall until you zone into Norg.

Norg is a very small map, everything you need is easily found here. There are many important quests here for Ninja and the start of the Zilart missions as well. The AH here is the same as the Bastok Auction House.

Rabao: Quick Arrival & Notes
As with Kazham and Norg, Rabao is a very small town in a remote place of the world. To get here I suggest grabbing a Tele-Altep and heading to I-6 on your map. From here go north to K-5/L-5. But you can also walk starting in Bastok from the mines, entering through Korroloka Tunnel and exiting to Altep. From here go north to K-5/L-5.

Getting around Rabao is fast and easy and the mail guys are right across from the AH, making it extra nice. The Auction house here is the same as the San d'orian AH.

Whitegate: Quick Arrival & Notes
Whitegate is not small, however you will want to stay on the Whitegate side for most of your needs as it does not get raided so the NPCs are always present. Whitegate is very easy to get to. Simply use one of the Teleporters in the nation capitals to transport you here. If you are not in a nation you could use an Olduum Ring as well. If you need to you could always take the ferry from Mhaura.

While this area is not very small you will find that for the most part this town is easy to get around as the map is very well labeled. One thing you will notice is that the Auction house is not labeled well in the Al Zahbi map. You will find the AH, if available, at the center of the far south western portion of the map in G/H-11. Also worth noting is the Whitegate/Al Zahbi Auction house is the same as the Jeuno AH.