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Welcome to FFXICooking.com!

Chef Vysala

Welcome to FFXI Cooking.com. This is my personal guide to cooking, making gil and living in Vana'diel as a Chef. This website has been created through my experiences and knowledge gained while playing Square-Enix's Final Fantasy XI since 2003.

This website has been made to encourage and provide help to crafters looking to take up the art of cooking or for already experienced cooks wishing to get another cook's perspective.

Throughout this site you will find not only the guide to leveling your cooking skill, but also several other sections that can be helpful to a cook or adventurer in general. You will find not only recipes for making gil, but also information on traveling throughout Vana'diel and raising your own chocobo.

All of the information here is written with a slant towards benefiting an adventurer who is a master cook or working towards that goal. I hope you find my personal experiences to be a helpful resource in your crafting journey.

FFXICooking.com Updates

June 26, 2015: I love FFXI and do know that it is going to basically end this year/early 2016. That saddens me greatly. Really this is the game that made me love MMOs and it has always had a place in my heart. I always have spoken well of it and wished I had never left in the first place. I still wish that, I would go back and change that if I could.

I did participate in the FFXI Chorus - even though I cannot sing at all! I put my insecurities about my voice aside and sang for Vana'diel.. the world I still love. If time permits, I may well come back toward the end of the year just to experience the end of everything. I was there for the beginning, so I'd like to be there for the ending.. even if I disappeared here and there in the middle.

I have been coming back during the free play weeks, and a month here and there. I do not have anyone to adventure with these days, so it is hard for me to stay too long when I do go back. I had hoped to finish so many things, but I am not so sure that will happen. Regardless, I am very sad to hear the news. Of all the MMOs I've experienced this one still remains my all time favorite and I will always remember it fondly.

March 31, 2010: Vysala has returned to FFXI on Odin for a month! Feel free to say "hi" if you see me ^.^ I've missed FFXI.. So I shall visit this world again. ^.^ I did not end up staying long, perhaps another time some other day.

November 8, 2008: I was made aware today that a site I used to have linked here, called Somepage, has in the past been linked to wrongful RMT activities. These things happened after I left FFXI so the links remained on my site up until today. I have removed all the links to that site and replaced the links to a trusted recipe database site called FFXI Auction House. FFXIAH looks to be a very valuable resource to cooks and all players so I am happy to recommend it. I have Cecilia to thank for keeping me informed and for giving me the link to FFXI AH -- Thank you very much!

October 28, 2008: FFXICooking.com is currently experiencing some difficulties, some information may not be accessable - but don't worry we aren't going anywhere and these problems will all be resolved soon. Special thanks to Ike for making me aware of the problems!

June 26, 2008: As of now the guestbook bug is fixed. All form items work as intended. Thank you for all the awesome comments!

January 25, 2008: Known Bug: Guestbook script is ignoring items entered on the URL line. Please put your URL in the comments section along with your comments until we can figure this out. Thank you!

August 26, 2007: FFXICooking.com is launched!